American Correctional Solutions is currently operating our customizable Telemedicine systems in correctional facilities.

Our Telemedicine services are available in the following medical specialties:

    •    Internal Medicine
    •    Family Practice
    •    Emergency Room
    •    Dermatology
    •    Cardiology
    •    Endocrinology
    •    Pulmonology
    •    Psychiatry
    •    Psychology

ACS provides quality correctional healthcare via Telemedicine in two ways, Live Encounters and Store & Forward.  Live Encounters allow patients, physicians, and nursing staff to communicate through secure audio and video technology for real time clinical consultations.  Our Store & Forward method allows physicians to electronically receive and evaluate medical data, consult with nursing staff, and render treatment recommendations within a specified time period. Our web based system is fully secure and HIPAA complaint.
Recently, TeleMental Health has been recognized as a powerful tool when implemented in corrections. Our facilities understand that Psychiatry and Psychology are perfect specialties for Telemedicine expansion.

The many benefits of keeping inmate patients inside the facility and doctors out are

    •    Increasing public safety by keeping mentally ill inmates inside the facility.
    •    Decreasing transportation and custody staff costs.
    •    Keeping custody staff inside the facility where they are needed most.
    •    Minimizing the anxiety of movement for inmates and staff.
    •    Expanding inmate patient access to medical staff, particularly in remote areas.
    •    Allowing physicians to work remotely and provide consultations to multiple facilities within the same day.
If you would like to learn how ACS’s Telemedicine services can enhance your facilities healthcare and decrease costs,
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